I will try to update Thursdays, as my schedule permits and as seen below.
09/26/2014 – Piece of Me and TBA
10/03/2014 – Steampunk Gorgon and TBA
10/10/2014 – Decrypting Rita and Mallard Fillmore
10/17/2014 – The Prophet of New Haven and TBA
10/25/2014 – Brave Resistance and TBA
10/31/2014 – Bohica Blues and Beetle Bailey
11/07/2014 – Tails of Lanschilandia and TBA
111/14/2014 – Modus Operandi and TBA
11/21/2014 – Steel Salvation and TBA
11/28/2014 – Vatican Assassins and TBA
12/05/2014 – Errant Apprentice and Crankshaft
12/12/2014 – Mailbox Rocketship and TBA
12/19/2014 – Muscleheart and TBA
12/26/2014 – The Box Theory and TBA
01/02/2015 – Doc and Raider and TBA
01/09/2014 – The Realm of Lost Things and TBA
01/16/2015 – Demon Juice and TBA
01/23/2015 – Princess Chroma and TBA
01/30/2015 – The Demon Archives and TBA
02/06/2015 – Princess Retribution and TBA
02/13/2015 – A Real Haunt and TBA
02/20/2015 – M9 Girls and TBA
02/27/2015 – The Wretched Ones and TBA
03/06/2015 – I, Mummy and TBA
03/13/2015 – Zoie and TBA
03/20/2015 – Lonely Skeleton and TBA

I will try to stick to this list as closely as possible, but may wind up shifting things around as I see fit.


This is a comic that reviews other comics. If you would like your web-comic reviewed, or would like to see a certain newspaper or comic reviewed, use the following form:


Mike Podgor

Mike Podgor

Mike Podgor has been creating comics and other fictions since his motor skills allowed him to do so, and has been producing them for public consumption since 2001. He is currently living in Northern Ohio with his significant other and some animals who do not have enough legs to go around, and his other comic is called Area 42 and is something you should read when you get a chance. He used to review the Spider-Man comic strip every day, so this isn’t his first rodeo.


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