EPISODE 006: Garfield and La Lucila Rocks!


Garfield (07/27/2014 - 08/ 02/2014)

Garfield (07/27/2014 – 08/ 02/2014)


La Lucila Rocks! #35 - Lucas' Resolution

La Lucila Rocks! #35 – Lucas’ Resolution


Milty Reviews Comics is property of Mike Podgor.
Garfield is a creation of Jim Davis.
La Lucila Rocks! is a creation of Fernando de la Barrera, and is also available in Spanish. I mean, Garfield probably is, too, but it’s much more impressive for a web comic to be bilingual.
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Where’d that thing go?


3 thoughts on “EPISODE 006: Garfield and La Lucila Rocks!

    • Indeed. When the right people apply their own creativity into it, Garfield becomes a joy to behold. There was a Garfield cartoon in the late eighties that is still fondly remembered among my peers, and there’s any number of Garfield Minus Garfield things that are supply the freshness that the comic strip lacks.

      I actually debated about whether or not to have Milty reference all these things, but opted not to. He’s here to review comics, after all, not all the permutations of those comics. Not here, anyway. I think you just provided the inspiration for the Milty Podcast.


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