EPISODE 005: Crock and…?


Crock (07/20/2014-07/26/2014)

Crock (07/20/2014-07/26/2014)


Kyria - Thief, Wolf, and Captain (Pages #14 and #15)

Kyria – Thief, Wolf, and Captain (Pages #14 and #15)


Milty Reviews Comics is property of Mike Podgor.
Crock was created by Bill Rechin and Brant Parker, and was maintained by Kevin Rechin and Bob Morgan.
Kyria is a creation of Aero Zero.
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Boston and Shaun is a creation of Shaun Reveal, who also goes by Sunblaze Wildfire or something. I absolutely refuse to give you any links to it because I have experienced the entirety of it and I will not ease you way towards finding it.


4 thoughts on “EPISODE 005: Crock and…?

  1. This was awesome! Thank you for the kind words ;v; I’m glad such a caustic critic like Milty liked my comic! (or at the very least didn’t dislike it.) I appreciate all the time you took in making this review, Mike. Kudos! Now go eat something.


    • Most of them have a habit of resting on their laurels these days. There’s about a dozen that are well and truly good, a bunch which are largely inoffensive, and a whole lot are just outright terrible. Milty is very unforgiving, since these people are making a living on sub-standard product.


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