EPISODE 002: Funky Winkerbean and Zukahnaut


Funky Winkerbean (06/23/2014-06/29/2014)

Funky Winkerbean (06/23/2014-06/29/2014)



Zukahnaut #73 and #73 (04/05/2014 and 04/12/2014)


Milty Reviews Comics is property of Mike Podgor.
Funky Winkerbean is a creation of Tom Batiuk.
Zukahnaut is a creation of Otty Justason and Sonya Somers.

Did you catch the Deity Guy cameo?

You can find regular commentary about Funky Winkerbean by the Comics Curmudgeon and in a monthly recap by Chris Sims on Comics Alliance. Also, on Son of Stuck Funky.

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